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Check and verify version, release date and build number of VMware vCenter, VMware ESXi and VMware Tools

A very common task I run into is checking and verifying what version a build number of vCenter, ESXi and Tools (and Horizon on occasion) are installed in an environment, including my own lab, so I wanted to put a few helpful links out there.

Below are links to VMware KB’s that list out the version, release date, and build number for the ability to cross-reference current version(s) as to what is currently installed:

vCenter: Build numbers and versions of VMware vCenter Server (2143838)

ESXi: Build numbers and versions of VMware ESXi/ESX (2143832)

Tools: Build numbers and versions of VMware Tools (86165)

Horizon: Build numbers and versions of VMware Horizon Connection Server (2143853)

If you need to know the version on vCenter, the best place is to check the VAMI, or check the vCenter summary page.

For your version of ESXi, you can use vCenter with the host summary view.

For VMware Tools, use the Virtual Machine Details view.

There are other ways to aggregate this information, but those are out of scope for this blog. Look for a blog at a later time for those techniques.

Thanks and give a comment if this helped you out!

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