Category: ESXi

  • Enhanced Authentication Plug-in (EAP) and Chrome v105+

    Do you use Chrome (v105+) with Windows and have been having recent issues using the Enhanced Authentication Plug-in (EAP) when logging in to vSphere? Well, now there’s a fix. Yep, I’m running v109.0.5414.75 and I’m having the issue. If you are saying “wait, what’s the issue? I missed something” Well…the primary issue is that the […]

  • VMware vSphere CVE-2018-3646 mitigation on a new ESXi host

    I reinstalled ESXi v7U3 on a new host in my home lab today and saw this notification below the summary information after adding it to my datacenter & cluster: So, OK – I recognize this. The error/information warning is for the administrators notice to address CVE-2018-3646 (, which according to the CVE: “…may allow unauthorized […]

  • vSphere VM CPU reservation settings

    Let’s talk a little bit about VM CPU reservations. I recently had a question about reserving X number of CPU’s for a VM, which was required for a vendor specific virtual machine for some software that was being installed on a server. So, what exactly is a CPU reservation? To put it simply, a reservation […]

  • VMware Update 7.0U3i…and more

    VMware Patch Update 7.0U3i