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Aria LCM: Error when extending Aria Suite Lifecycle storage

In preparation for upgrading Aria Ops, Logs and installing Aria Automation I found I was needing to expand the storage within Aria Lifecycle Manager. No big deal, go into Settings -> and click Extend Storage:

Put in the details, and the disk will begin to expand – I’m choosing to expand 20GB additional for some larger install binaries:

And I found my request was failing…

The error was mostly not helpful and didn’t seem to make sense to me since all systems are working, and I have extended the storage previously in the past…but reading into the issue I started to decipher the issue and break it apart:

Invalid locale provided in product while logging into VC

That makes zero sense to me, but it does tell me LCM doesn’t like something when logging into the vCenter. However, it does confirm my login credentials are working. Let’s move on…

No VM found in the vCenter with HostName: [my hostname] and morefID: [vm-60]

My first thought was to check DNS (because we all know it’s always DNS), so after doing an nslookup on the LCM appliance I ruled that issue out, as the IP resolved to the correct hostname.

So, that’s not the problem…let’s look at the “morefID” (huh?)…

Ok well, to be honest at that point my next steps were to Google the error, and found this KB: LCMCOMMON80005 No VM found in the vCenter with HostName and morefID error when extending Aria Suite Lifecycle storage

Perfect, this is exactly the issue I’m running into.

I did get into the LCM appliance and examine the /var/log/vrlcm/vmware_vrlcm.log and I verified the stack trace did contain the verbiage which turned out to be almost exactly to what is in the KB.

Apparently this issue is caused by a difference in the moref ID ( of the Aria LCM appliance) stored in the LCM filesystem XML file (/opt/vmware/etc/vami/ovfEnv.xml).

Per the KB, in order to resolve the issue, I’ll need to go into the XML on the LCM appliance and manually change the current and stale vCenterID value.

Ok let’s do it. First, I need to find the current value. Following along in the KB, I found the value needed my clicking on the AriaLCM appliance, then examining the URL of the browser – I can see the moref value I need to use is “vm-2010”.

Next, I took a snapshot of the appliance.

Then I SSH’d and logged to the LCM appliance as root, and ran vim /opt/vmware/etc/vami/ovfEnv.xml

Here it can be seen that the current vCenterID value is “vm-60”, yes…this is apparently a stale entry:

Changed the value:

Ran a “wq” to commit and save the XML file.

Remembering I had taken that snapshot earlier, I went ahead and deleted it, since the expansion process will not run and will fail again if there is a snapshot present.

From there I went ahead and started a new request – note, I did not attempt a retry on the old request.

The request ran and completed successfully!

After a reboot, LCM picked up that additional 20GB:

And that’s it, all good now.

If this helped you out please leave a comment below, thanks!

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