Category: ESXi host

  • Configure VMware Tools repository using the vSphere API

    Here’s a good one for y’all…I’m going to walk thought how to update the location for VMware Tools (a.k.a. the Product Locker) and change/update it, without rebooting your ESXi host. You may ask, “why would you want to do that??” Well, the main use case would be to centralize the repository and installation files of […]

  • Using esxtop and sending output logs to CSV

    Continuing from the previous blog about using esxtop to monitor ESXi processes, let’s take a look at how to export esxtop logs to CSV. Here’s the official KB on how to use and leverage export logs to CSV: If you’re wondering how to view syntax and commands, it’s easy, just type “esxtop -h” to […]

  • Using esxtop to monitor ESXi processes

    Using the top utility is pretty awesome. I’ve used top for years on *nix boxes, both at home and on the job to monitor and troubleshoot system performance and issues. What’s really cool, is that ESXi has it’s own version of top installed called “esxtop”. Here’s a link to the official doc on how to […]

  • Use “esxcli software vib” commands in ESXi hosts

    Recently I was asked how to list out all the VIB/drivers installed on an ESXi 7.0 host. This can be easily done with the “esxcli software vib” command. But first, you may ask “what is a VIB?” It’s one of VMware’s many TLA’s (three-letter-acronyms) that stands for vSphere Installation Bundle. Think of it like a […]