Category: Virtual Machine

  • Using esxtop to monitor ESXi processes

    Using the top utility is pretty awesome. I’ve used top for years on *nix boxes, both at home and on the job to monitor and troubleshoot system performance and issues. What’s really cool, is that ESXi has it’s own version of top installed called “esxtop”. Here’s a link to the official doc on how to […]

  • VMware vSphere virtual distributed switch & (VDS) enabling NetFlow

    vSphere: Wondering how to enable NetFlow in VMware vSphere? Well, it’s pretty easy – you’ll need to have your collector up a running (I’m using ManageEngine’s NetFlow Analyzer trial for testing purposes From there, let’s get into setting up NetFlow in the virtual distributed switch (VDS). In vSphere, click on the Network icon (#1), […]

  • vSphere VM CPU reservation settings

    Let’s talk a little bit about VM CPU reservations. I recently had a question about reserving X number of CPU’s for a VM, which was required for a vendor specific virtual machine for some software that was being installed on a server. So, what exactly is a CPU reservation? To put it simply, a reservation […]